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VFX, Animation, & Mobile



Web / Mobile Development

Angelica is currently a frontend engineer at YouTube, she is an avid Android Engineer programming in Java and XML daily.  She focuses on custom components and features, frontend architecture, android animation and more.


She took 2 advanced animation courses at UC Berkeley and taught the intro to animation course for 3 semesters.  She learned and taught about the animation pipeline from story to modeling, animation, rendering, lighting, etc.  She and her team won the Napa Valley Film Festival in 2013 for Best Student Animation on a film where she focused on the visual effects despite being mostly self taught in the realm of VFX, she has learned to create sparks, smoke, dust, explosions, etc.

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Programmatic Animation

She has computer science and film degrees and focused on Computer Graphics and UX Design / Development during her undergrad.  She took a Computer Graphics course taught by Technical Academy Award Winner James O'Brien; through graphics and frontend engineering she has begun to join her passions for film and computer science.

“Art challenges technology, and technology inspires art.”